What is Rolfing ® Structural Integration ?

Rolfing ® is a very unique alternative therapeutic hands-on therapy based on the method of fascia manipulation (soft connective tissue manipulation) which is proven scientifically.

Soft connective tissue called fascia forms the 3D web like netted bags in our body that surround all the internal structures such as bones, muscles, organs, nerves, glands, spinal cord, blood vessels, lymphatic vessels etc as well as the whole body itself.
The 3D web like fascia bags form each shapes and control each functions and thus fascia is known as the organ of structure.

When illness, injuries, accidents, surgeries, daily stress, childhood trauma, emotional trauma, occupationally forced positions, unconsciously held habitual patterns, inappropriate posture, partial ways of using body, improper ways of using body, etc, etc, etc, facia gets stricted from its smooth flow and contraction and facia bags narrower the functions and mobilities of its contents.

When Facia in the healthy state with elasticity, our body can flow with much less energy and can function in the most optimal and economical way without any pain.

Rolfing ® work doesn't focus on the particular parts of the body but it rather focus on the whole body as one big piece, and as oneness with holistic aspects of physically, emotionally, and energetically.

If you suffer from chronic pain, unidentified pain, trauma pain, etc
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When you wish to rebuild your body structure, wish to have maintenance your body, wish to reset your habitual patterns which have been causing you pain, wish to reeducate your body,
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Rolfing ® session is applicable to anyone from the baby to the elderly and it can bring the benefit to all variously. It awakens and nurtures each body's immeasurable abilities to re-organize itself and to lead the body how it is supposed to be. Rolfing ® can be an educational tool for body.
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